Welcoming our Gluten Free Friends

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Unique and welcoming are just two of the goals we lift for our Green Eye Hemp Cafe. As people explore our Green Ideas Hemp products we want all to feel inclusive and learn about the advantages of our products for you.

Before we were even open, our friends were asking if we would be providing Gluten Free Options. With the goal of promoting great health and a mindful existance, a gluten free option is always available in our baked items.

All of our "goodies" are baked in house and fresh. Our basil and tomatoes are grown in house in our hydroponic grow room along with our many strains of hemp. When you visit the cafe you can also see how our grow room is set up. It's fascninating to see how the products are grown. Our facility is over 7,000 square feet providing us the space to grow our own USDA Certified Organic plants for our products. Our Gluten Free options are also a delight just ask our team which items are appropriate for you!

Add a specialty drink to a pre-roll for an awesome Smoky Mountain Morning. Our pre-rolls are only $8 and will provide just the right touch to some chill time. Make time to allow for a mindful and restful time either before you start or day or as you reflect at the end of your day.

Find the Green Eye Hemp Cafe and our Green Ideas Hemp products at the corner of East Highway 321 and Glades Road. We look forward to knowing you better!

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